Next generation system
01   Establishing the LED Lightening Division
02   Development of LED lighting control system

Provide a differentiated products
11   CELTECH WORLD Bldg completion

Effort for customer satisfaction
04   Concent supplier to Shin Dong-A, LH public enterprise

Challenge for new dream
11.02   Remote control supplier to Atowave Mijuhyang RD Co., Ltd.
11.03   Remote control supplier to Korean companies: Homecast, DMT,
             Kiryung Electronics.
11.04   RCU supplier to Motorola USA

Creation of innovative technology
10.01   Adaptor export to PCT (Canada)
10.10   Broadband remote control supplier to SK Corp.
10.11   Registered business with Samsung Electronics and remote control
             development (Company code = DSYO)
Clear objective and passion
11.04   Registered business with LG Philips and remote control development
A front-runner of Digital Life
08.05   Remote control supplier to Hana TV (HDT, Cellon)
08.08   Certificate of Electrical Safety (exterior power-saving sockets)
Provide a differentiated research
07.03   Factory building in mainland China (limited partnership)
07.03   Production of power-saving sockets for Easysaver Co., Ltd.
07.04   Development and production of low-frequency remote controls for
             Daekyoung Industrial Co., Ltd. (medical instruments)
07.05   Completion of the development of digital wireless MIC
             (CDMA method zigbee)
07.08   Company changed to CELTECH WORLD Co., Ltd.
Reliable company
06.01   SJ CELTECH, Co., Ltd. founded
06.03   Partnership with Sejin Electronics Co., Ltd.
06.03   Remote control supplier to Cellon Co., Ltd. IP SETTOP
             (Japanese collaborator)
06.05   Remote control supplier to Korea Tender, Co., Ltd. IP SETTOP
06.09   Business-purpose remote control supplier to
             Kookmin Robotics Co., Ltd. & Yujin Robotics Co., Ltd.
06.10   Kitchen/waterproof remote control supplier to Kostel Co., Ltd.
06.12   Development of remote controls for HD SET,
             Hyundai Digital Tech Co., Ltd.
06.12   Development and supplier of roll-screens and blinds for
             Samsung Blind, Co.